ross Digital provide digital services, including web and app development, design services, digital strategy and transformation to the Care and Health sector, including 36 residential and domiciliary care providers (combined workforce of 700+ and 560+ clients/residents), professional services, care products and services, and assisted living. We also service other industries.

The core team has worked closely together for 5+ years and delivered three successful Innovate UK (IUK) grants (2020-2021). Comprised of diverse races, genders, ages, skills and shared values, with technology, healthcare, charity, the adult social care sector and commercial expertise.

We have helped develop game-changing, innovative, disruptive and scalable service-led innovations such as the Care Acess platform that has a significant impact on ageing positively in the UK, leading to new products, processes and services. 

Our organisation embeds human-centred design-driven innovation, resulting in a design-led strategy and development process for the projects we work on. We implement human-centred design within all our client projects and use design processes, including the modified double diamond approach to Diagnose, Discover, Design and Develop prototypes, websites, apps or market-ready products.  

We rapidly adapt specifications and refine commercialisation plans based on the outcomes of the initial design stage and improve based on feedback from our Human-centred research, ensuring the products are desirable, useful and frustration-free to our end users. Our diverse team create equitable access for our client’s stakeholders. 

EDI Statement: Cross Digital Ltd is committed to building a diverse, equitable and truly inclusive organisation.

We help our clients growth through design driven innovation.
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We Create Digital Solutions for Business People

A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy. Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action. There is no magic formula to write perfect ad copy; it is based on a number of factors, including ad placement, demographic, even the consumer’s mood.

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We help our clients achieve growth through digital

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