Our work was known to UIMPACT, so when they decided that it was time to build a new website, we were the first company that they contacted. UIMPACT had a clear vision for their new website and wanted a full handover upon completion. 


UIMPACT have a clear service offering specialist coaching and assessment programmes, whilst working with boards of large organisations. The website needed to reflect a corporate theme as well as showcasing UIMPACT’s personal service. 


We knew that simplicity, usability and brand identity were key features to the website we built for UIMPACT. A full handover has been completed with the website being built in a way that there is quick learning experience to make updates and changes. 


The website is now producing leads, improving UIMPACT’s digital presence which is helping to identify international clients in multiple markets as well as UK clients.  


We have successfully presented UIMPACT as the first integrated Executive Coaching and Assessment company outside the USA. Furthermore, the set up of the site and the digital strategy we have created is already positive SEO results.

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