It was exciting to meet Plain Air management and learn more about the steps they were taking to protect consumers from dangerous Air Pollution. After clearly understanding Plain Air’s vision and objectives, we knew that we were about to embark on an exciting journey. 


Firstly, we wanted to help Plain Air design a timeless Brand and Corporate Identity Package which demonstrates the Independent Advice & Solutions to Personal Air pollution that they offer. Also, we needed to map out a scalable and seamless customer journey.


Next, we built a bespoke website that incorporates all the essential features and functions with the purpose of generating sales and leads for Plain Air products and services. We worked closely with the management to design and write a Digital Strategy.


We developed and implemented a Digital Strategy which incorporated Plain Air’s Vision, Situation, Market Research, Objectives, Strategy and Measuring the impact. We are in the process of implementing the Digital Marketing Strategy. ​


We continue to offer our advice, use targeted campaigns and service Plain Air’s needs. Our ongoing sales and lead generation and conversion strategy will enable Plain Air to continue to create awareness, grow and become the market leader. 

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