Why - The Vision 

Care Access vision is to help older people live healthier and happier lives at home. The Care Access mission is “To create the most transparent, ethical, innovative and community-driven Care Access Platform for healthy ageing and tailored adult care needs all in one place, serving 1 million users by 2025”. It is an ambitious mission that we are striving to help them achieve. 

How - Prototype Development

Care Access target market is 65+. We used the adopted Design Age Accelerator Double Diamond, as shown below:

Double Diamond Design Approach

This method ensures consulting of all relevant groups during the development process, which means the platform prototype is human-centred and purpose-built. 

Service Blueprint Mapping Workshop

What - Market-Ready Platform 

The platform prototype has enabled Care Access to prove the concept, user testing and has given confidence to decision-makers to take the prototype to a market-ready product. 

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