The evolving health care scenario all around the world has led to the prevalence of care home and nursing home services in the country. However, choosing a care home for our loved ones and family members can be daunting. 

Care home services bring a tremendous change to an individual’s life. Hence, it is important for both, people seeking the service and people providing the service, to find each other. Considering today’s dramatic shift towards the internet, whether you’re a self-sustaining care home or a coast-to-coast service provider, the easiest way to find and learn about your services is through the internet. 

Cross Digital - Contriving Innovation 

At Cross Digital, we design and augment websites for care homes. We understand their value. We believe in creating a platform that aligns with the user’s needs and at the same time does not compromise on the care home’s ethics.

Most importantly, we know the significance of providing the right information to those who need it. We understand the consequences of delivering sufficient information to attract clients. We create a medium of communication between care homes and prospective clients. A well-designed website can attract much more than clientele.

Pragmatic Approach 

Besides the regular client base, the website will draw the attention of the local authorities and councils seeking a suitable home for vulnerable adults. It will highlight the uniqueness of the facility by highlighting the activities and special services of the care home. Different amenities and advantages for the residents will be emphasized to reassure them and their families. Additionally, it will reiterate that the care home will be a supportive and comfortable place for them to reside.

We aim to design websites for nursing homes, keeping in mind the user’s technological exposure. Our digital infrastructure is easy to use and can provide all the necessary information with minimum complications. People from all backgrounds, regardless of their technical proficiency, can access the digital platform and navigate the site for the required information and details. 

Extensive Recruitments

The website design for care homes will also post regular updates about the care home facility that can assist in the growth of the workforce in the unit. The website will have frequent updates on new vacancies covering care home groups from different homes. This will help you reach out to potential carers who discover that care homes and nursing homes also have some exciting job opportunities across the country.

We strive to redefine the status quo with constructive ideas and create a noteworthy impact on society and the digital industry. By opening up opportunities for employment in this sector, we’re here to make a significant mark on healthcare as well as the societal system.

Corporate Opportunities

Another significant impact that the website can create is to present corporate opportunities to potential investors. While we enumerate the values of the care homes to service those who are in need, it also makes an impression on investors who will help make those services better. Care home facilities can experience a drastic shift in their activities and facilities that they provide with additional investment.

The age-old values of providing services to thousands of residents combined with the capitalistic idea to thrive in the market can bring a significant change in the services. 

Design Principle for Home Care Website Design

Home care services are generally not age-restricted, offering help to anyone who needs it. We ensure that these services are available to you with just a few clicks. For this to happen, we have unique design principles for a care home website that can make it easier for people of all age groups to easily access this information. 

Font Style (Elders-Friendly)

Website design is all about graphics, fonts, and suitable content. Hence, we choose our fonts keeping in mind our users. For elderly people, we ensure that the font is simple and readable. Usually, older people and people with poor eyesight have difficulty reading typefaces like Arial. They prefer larger typefaces without serifs. Hence, we try to keep things, easy, large, and readable for them.

Accessible Content

The website’s solutions are designed in a concise and direct manner that ensures all the relevant content is readily available to the users. The page navigation is also made quick and easy and without complication to the user. We also use different font colours to aid navigation and highlight hyperlinks to different pages. All these changes can help older people access information easily.

Highlight Keywords and Subheadings 

A few words and a heading can say a lot about the topic and its content. Hence, we highlight all major keywords and headings that can draw attention to the unique facilities of the care home service. We also build user-friendly content that can be easily read and understood by everyone. We use bullet points and shorter sentences to facilitate readability.

The Purpose

By providing necessary changes and creating digital solutions, we aim to achieve a competitive advantage. We successfully build and design digital infrastructure that can assist in the growth and enhance business opportunities for care home services in the country. 

We strive to build an all-inclusive website that works for diverse sections of society. From shareholders and stakeholders to the residents and the management as a whole, we believe in your cause and help you stay afloat. Hence, we are here to create a significant impact on all those who contribute to the care home’s reputation. 

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