At the beginning of this year Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, released a statement that revealed 2018 was his year to ‘Fix Facebook’.

If you’re in the world of social media marketing we’re sure you’ve heard of the controversial changes he’s made so far - but if you’re not exactly sure what they mean and how it’s going to affect you, keep reading.

What are the changes?

In early January, Zuckerberg released a statement explaining that the Facebook’s News Feed was having a dramatic revamp.

He explained that Facebook’s core focus is user enjoyment, and providing a place for friends and family to connect, therefore the social network will be promoting personal posts from friends and family rather than content from businesses from now on.

Why are the changes important?

The changes are a massive step in the typical Facebook user’s corner - and at first hand looked to be a big knock to marketers and using Facebook for marketing purposes.

Expect to see your feed featuring more updates from friends and family, less videos and less content that you’re not likely to engage with.  

Plus, with Zuckerberg’s New Year’s Resolution being to fix the social network, this is probably just one of the many changes to come this year. So be sure to keep up to date on these new changes and get to grips with them before another change comes around.

What do the changes mean for marketers?

Social media marketers can expect to first see their organic engagement drop - however if you ensure that your content is relevant and useful to your audience, the drop in engagement shouldn’t be overly noticeable.

The most notable change will be the demotion of posts which use ‘engagement-bait tactics’. Types of posts that ask you to vote with reactions or to ‘like’, ‘share’ or ‘comment’ are deemed by Facebook as passive. Therefore, ensuring that your content avoids this is a must.

What are we doing about the changes?

Here at Cross Digital we pride ourselves on offering a social media service that is suitable to your business and provides you with real results.

We’ll be working harder than ever to ensure that our services are working in favour of Facebook’s updates and will help you develop valuable customer relationships on the platform.

What are your thoughts on Facebook’s updates? Do you have any questions for us about them or would like to find out more about the services we offer? Get in touch with us and share your thoughts on our social media channels.